In order to assist in stimulation interest in the Junior ROTC for high school students as well as subsequent service in the military services, or participation in a postsecondary ROTC program of Federal Academy, the MFST Board of Trustees implemented the JROTC Honors Programs during 2005.



Each year the MFST presents school selected cadets (one from each class) with a certificate, an engraved medal, and a cash award.  The freshman and sophomore cadet award are presented for outstanding achievement along with $50 and $75 checks respectively.  The junior and senior cadet awards are presented for outstanding leadership along with $125 and $250 checks respectively.  Additionally, the senior cadet receives an engraved letter opener sabre.

Furthermore, the graduating senior cadet will receive an additional $750 is he/she enlists in the military service and completes advance individual training, or enrolls in a Senior (college-level) ROTC program or a Federal Academy.  Since 2005 this program has grown to seven Hillsborough County high schools.



The MFST also recognizes school selected cadets nationally.  Participating high schools will receive the four medals and certificates plus shipping and handling at a cost of $38.60.  Participants are responsible for optional costs for certificate frames and well as engraving of the medals, if chosen.  If your school desires to participate in this Program, it is requested that a check made out to the “MFST” be forwarded to the corporation with your completed “Program Compliance Agreement” Click here.

For a complete description of, and award criteria for both of the aforementioned Programs, the current version of Annex D (JROTC Honors Programs) extract of the MFST BYLAWS should be requested from the MFST administrative office at MFST, 1010 American Eagle Boulevard, Suite 400, Sun City Center, FL 33573 or email us.